The Fungus Link to Stomach and Digestive Disorders
Antibiotics in our meat consumption minimized The FDA recently announced that 25 pharmaceutical companies are voluntarily phasing out the use of growth promoting antibiotics if animals used in our meat supply. The companies said that they will either stop giving these animals antibiotics immediately, or will revise their protocols so that antibiotics would be given, but only if a veterinarian prescribed them. 


16 Apr

After the Show: Breast Implants



11 Apr

Can Fungus Cause Heart Swelling?

 Doug Kaufmann's Official Blog -knowthecause.com New research tells us that the gout drug Colchicine, may be effective in treating pericarditis. PERI means around, CARD means heart and ITIS means swelling. Pericarditis, therefore, means swelling around the heart. 


07 Apr

Tobacco Cures Cancer!

 Doug Kaufmann's Official Blog -knowthecause.com An Australian research team has discovered a protein in the pink and white flowering tobacco plant, Nicotania alata. The protein is called called NaD1. No, Nicotania alata isn’t the same tobacco used to make regular cigarettes, but it is a tobacco plant, and tobacco plants have been demonized by researchers for many years. Ironically, tests run by the team at La Troube University on NaD1 showed two relevant discoveries;