13 Nov

Antibiotics, A Risk to America?

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Know The Cause

Web Exclusive (video)

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Nordic Naturals

10-25-2012 Web Exclusive (video)


24 Aug

West Nile - Aerial spraying over Dallas

03 Jul


msmith The word experiment conjures images of scientists with Einstein-coiffed hair hovering over glass beakers steaming with unnamable chemical concoctions. Indeed, I've seen these types lurking around the University of Texas science labs, and there is no telling what many of them are cooking up in those facilities.


29 Jun

End the War on Fat

msmith These are not Doug's words (well, they have been for years) or even mine, but this article on Slate Magazine's. It seems the experts are finally coming around on the notion that fat isn't really responsible for all the heart disease in America.