16 Jun

Goodbye to a Dear Friend.

don-pruitt On June 11, 2014, Know the Cause lost a great friend. After 15 years of fighting tumors and squamous cell carcinomas that caused pain, suffering and disfigurement, Don Pruitt went to be with the Lord. Don’s testimony left an amazing legacy of patience, humility, friendship and kindness to many Know the Cause viewers. Don changed his way of life of eating and in doing so he lived an extra 15 years. He refused the traditional ways of popular medical treatments.


21 Aug

West Nile



I contracted Malaria in Vietnam in 1970. I learned that the female anopheles mosquito actually transmitted the disease to me. Today, we are being deluged with news about another disease transmitted by mosquitos, the West Nile Virus (WNV). Let me preface this report by telling you how devastating it is to read of the sickness and death that is attributed to this mosquito bite. 


04 Jul
Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Happy Sunday everybody - I hope that you are all getting your rest on the Day of Rest. 


29 Jun

Update on Swine Flu Numbers

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause This CNN article reports that an estimated 57 million Americans have contracted swine flu, resulting in 257,000 hospitalizations and may (extra emphasis on may) have killed as many as 17,000 people. Only 2,498 deaths due to the H1N1 virus are confirmed, but the CDC is estimating that it has killed as many as 15,000 more people. 


Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause It really bums me out when I see smart people mis-inform their audience, or rather try to stoke an already uneasy, fearful feeling in the hearts of said audience. Mike Adams over at Natural News posted an article yesterday making a number of highly outrageous claims concerning the new health care bill that is sure to ruffle the feathers of people who are already nervous after the health care bill signing.