20 Jun

Oils on the Phase One Diet

oils-test In the past, oils have been vilified for their high fat content; they were likely been blamed for more heart disease and obesity than they're actually responsible for. And while it is true that some oils such as hydrogenated oils undoubtedly contribute to poor health, science has found other types of oil to be quite healthy. 


28 May

The Natural Myth

myth-natural Many people often buy items more or less exclusively based upon the way those items are branded or marketed. These strategies must be working, otherwise the billions of dollars that are poured into advertising, marketing, branding, image sculpting, etc., wouldn't continue to flow into the coffers of advertisers, marketers and agencies across all forms of media. However, knowing that these strategies do have an effect on our spending habits, it is important to know whether what we are being sold is as it is portrayed.


16 May

Grapefruit Seed Extract

grapefruit-seed-extract Grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful addition to your Phase 1 medicine cabinet. This, powerful, concentrated substance is still all natural, pulled right from the seed of one our favorite Phase 1 foods, the grapefruit. It has so many uses that one really shouldn't be without a bottle of the stuff – and a little goes a long way. Grapefruit seed extract is so powerful and so concentrated that it really must be diluted for nearly any use. Here is a list (although likely not a comprehensive one) of the uses of grapefruit seed extract.