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grapefruit-seed-extract Grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful addition to your Phase One medicine cabinet. This, powerful, concentrated substance is still all natural, pulled right from the seed of one our favorite Phase One foods, the grapefruit. It has so many uses that one really shouldn't be without a bottle of the stuff – and a little goes a long way. Grapefruit seed extract is so powerful and so concentrated that it really must be diluted for nearly any use. Here is a list (although likely not a comprehensive one) of grapefruit seed extract benefits and uses.


Grapefruit seed extract comes in pill form, but all the uses before (except for internally) are referring to the liquid form of GSE. 


Use internally. 

It is one of our favorite anti-fungal supplements at Know the Cause. Doug often recommends this in the same breath as olive leaf extract or oregano oil when he talks about internal anti-fungals. It ranks as a top-tier defense against yeast and pathogenic fungi. Grapefruit seed extract is one of the most powerful anti-fungals available without a prescription, so it may not be the first anti-fungal you would reach for. Use something more gentle, like olive leaf extract, before reaching for GSE. In the event that you are really struggling with internal fungal problems, grapefruit seed might be a the perfect supplement for such an occasion.


The one thing we would caution caution about is this: Grapefruit seed extract is sometimes said to be as powerful as an antibiotic in some regards. Grapefruit seed extract is so powerful, that internal usage may result in gut dysbiosis, much in the same way that antibiotic usage would. Don't be afraid to use it as part of your Anti-fungal regimen, but be prudent, and follow its usage up with a good probioitic supplement to replenish the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. 


Use as a mouthwash. 

Dilute in water, gargle, spit and rinse! Grapefruit seed extract is very bitter, and it is always advised to dilute when using it. When using it as a mouthwash, use sparingly in water. Try adding some peppermint oil for some refreshing flavor and to help mitigate the bitterness. 


Use as a topical solution. 

Be sure to dilute, but you can use grapefruit seed extract on your skin as a cleaner or for mild irritations. You can also add GSE to shampoo as a treatment for your scalp. 


Use as a multipurpose cleaner.

Dilute in a spray bottle and use on virtually anything! Grapefruit seed extract's antimicrobial properties will help keep bugs and fungus off surfaces. GSE is great as a fruit and vegetable wash, toothpaste wash, or as a cleaner for dishes and eating utensils. 


The benefits of grapefruit seed extract are numerous and it is an invaluable part of your Phase one medicine cabinet. Regardless of its application, grapefruit seed extract is a safe, fungus fighting substance that will come in handy for a number of uses.


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