Dec, 24

5 Antifungals In Your Spice Rack


Hippocrates, the father of medicine, had a saying that the Phase One Diet tries to embody: “Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food.” Time has proven Hippocrates correct; more and more, that old adage is being vindicated by modern medicine and science. Research tells us food can have a profound impact on what goes on inside our bodies, both in a negative and positive way. Simply put, what we put into our bodies has the ability to either promote or prevent disease!

At Know The Cause, we focus on the effects fungi and their poisons can have on the human body. Like Hippocrates’ famous saying, science continues to confirm the idea that fungi and mycotoxins can play a profound role in the health we do or do not experience. Fungi can affect us primarily in three ways: through inhalation (breathing of spores or poisonous byproducts), through contaminated food (foods tainted with mycotoxins), and by parasitizing our bodies.

Addressing the quality of air in your home and place of work is a key piece to the puzzle. Another key piece is diet, which is what the Phase One Diet hopes to address. The Phase one Diet works by eliminating foods commonly contaminated by mycotoxins and by eliminating foods that would promote an internal fungal infection.


An important addition to this diet is the inclusion of anti-fungal supplements into your regimen. While there are many available in supplement form, many are found right in your spice rack! Spices and herbs are known mostly for their flavor, but also for their legion of health benefits, among many of them is their potent, anti-fungal properties. These often come in the form of supplements, which is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits therein. However, try including them into your diet; they are, after all, foods. This is one more way your diet can embody Hippocrates’ philosophy of food as medicine and medicine as food.

Include these spices into your Anti-fungal regimen both for the flavor and for the potent, anti fungal properties therein.

Cinnamon was found to be more powerful against certain yeasts than certain over the counter medications.

Oregano contains a number of nutrients, among them is the potent, fungus fighter, carvacrol.

Studies have shown cumin extracts to be effective in vivo against certain fungal species. Cumin also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic is a winner for heart health, but its active component, allicin is also a potent fungus fighter.

Generally regarded as a festive flavoring agent, clove’s Anti-fungal properties make it a year-round addition to your Phase one Diet.