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One is part of the other, but both are important for health.  


The Kaufmann Diet lays out some very simple tenants: Avoid foods rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates. Avoid foods that contain yeasts or that are a fungus, such as mushrooms. Avoid foods that might be contaminated with fungal poisons, called mycotoxins, such as corn, grains, sugar, peanuts, yeasts, and soy. 


These are the basic tenants of the diet, which can be remarkably effective at providing relief from health problems. The Kaufmann Diet, however, works best in the context of The Kaufmann Lifestyle. 


The diet, itself, was never intended to be a short-term fix for health problems. The Kaufmann Diet––particularly The Kaufmann 2 Diet––is designed to be followed indefinitely. While it is perhaps restrictive in the context of what many Americans eat every day, The Kaufmann 1 and Kaufmann 2 Diets all contain enough inherent nutrition that they can easily be followed indefinitely and support good health all along the way. 



There are other elements to the Kaufmann Lifestyle other than just diet, however. The Kaufmann Lifestyle includes elements such as a sensible exercise regimen, getting plenty of sleep, mitigating stress, a rotating anti-fungal supplement plan, and supplementing with things like a good multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotics. The Kaufmann Lifestyle has implications for what cosmetics you choose to use and avoid and eliminating other, unnatural chemical exposures. The Kaufmann Lifestyle avoids medications like antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. It can even have implications for your intimate relationships. 


The Kaufmann Lifestyle pays special attention to indoor spaces and the air quality therein. Indoor spaces are particularly vulnerable to mold growth, often in unseen places. These molds can release spores and toxins into the air, creating a toxic environment and facilitating exposure to these organisms and their poisons, very literally providing them an opportunity to gain access to your body.. Maintaining healthy air in work and living spaces is key for the Kaufmann Lifestyle. 


Ultimately, the Kaufmann Diet is part of the Kaufmann Lifestyle, which is a unilateral approach to anti-fungal living. Fungi and yeasts are often presented as annoying or harmless by the medical community, but there is evidence that they can cause very serious health problems all while being very difficult to diagnose. 


While they may be difficult for doctors to diagnose, fungal infections can be remarkably simple to treat. Implementing an Anti-fungal diet, such as the Kaufmann Diet and following the tenants of the Kaufmann Lifestyle often brings about relief from symptoms for those who follow the program. Often, treating your symptoms as if they are caused by fungi or yeasts is the best way to diagnose your problem; if after a period of time on the Kaufmann Diet and Lifestyle you feel much better, you might have isolated what was causing your health problem to begin with. Eliminating yeasts and fungi from the body and your living environment as best possible may be the solution you have been waiting for to experience vibrant health. 




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