24 Jan

What About Eggs and Cholesterol?

kyle-drew-bw-small The question about eggs and cholesterol is popular, but largely answered after years of misinformation. In short, eggs seem to be an excellent food choice for protein, the brain nutrient, choline, and the super eye antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.


19 Dec

Fungus or Malnutrition?

kyle-drew-bw-small In the Drew household, there are a lot of books on mushrooms and such. Somehow, my son has become fascinated by all of this stuff, and sometimes peruses the books to look at the pictures. Once in a while, I’ll hear him react to a weird-looking mushroom and say, “Whoa, fungus! This is what Doug knows a lot about, isn’t it?”


15 Nov

How Do I Start The Phase One Diet Program?

kyle-drew-bw-small One day soon, the Phase One Diet will seem like common sense to you. But if you’re new to it, it may seem challenging. Not to worry; here are some tips.


30 Oct

The Fungus Link To Migraine Headaches

kyle-drew-bw-small If you suffer with migraine headaches, you’re not alone.  Close to 30 million people deal with regular migraine headaches, as do one in four people per household.


18 Oct

Know the Cause’s Take on Medicinal Mushrooms

 kyle-drew-bw-small One of the more popular kinds of questions we receive pertains to medicinal mushrooms. In case you don’t know, there are lots of mushrooms that are considered to have medicinal qualities. A few of them include reishi, shitaki, artist’s conk, lion’s mane, chaga, and turkey tail.