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The Fungus Link to Multiple Sclerosis

doug-headshot-bw I just got the news from medpagetoday.com that a new Multiple Sclerosis drug called Tecfidera received FDA approval today (3/27/13). How does Tecfidera work? I’m just so glad you asked because to scientists this is important. According to the website, It is believed that Tecfidera works by activating the nuclear factor-like 2 transcriptional pathway, thereby reducing oxidative stress that contributes strongly to demyelination. I know that you’re wondering…could it really be that simple?

Forget the marketing name “Tecfidera”, but remember its chemical name dimethyl fumarate, because this name allows us to better understand how this drug works for MS.-or better yet, what causes MS!

2006-The Journal of Food Science states that a concentration of dimethyl fumarate inhibited mold from growing on bread.

According to ehow.com, dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is usually used in pouches fastened inside furniture or added to shoe boxes to protect the product from fungus and mold. It is a fine white crystalline powder that becomes airborne and impregnates the product. When it gets on clothing that touches the skin, it can cause an allergic reaction.

The fungus link to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is not new to me and it shouldn’t be to physicians since the documentation below has existed for sometime. Years ago, I worked with a very bright young physician, David Holland, M.D., who just happened to also be a microbiologist and he took immediate interest in my fungus link to disease theory. Here is what we wrote (and was subsequently stolen by many websites as it went viral) a decade ago about the fungus link to MS. FYI, Joe Mercola, D.O., originally posted this article on his site at the time, hence all of his input inside of our article.

It is highly likely that MS is yet another mycotoxin induced disease. As these neurotoxic and poisonous mycotoxins come in contact with the myelin sheaths, they cause them and therefore patient with MS to deteriorate. We don't need more toxic chemicals to treat fungal diseases. We need knowledge. I hope this provides that knowledge.

Multiple Sclerosis: A Chronic Mycotoxicosis?


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