It is important to rotate your Antifungal supplements. Rotating your Antifungal supplements will give you the most broad-spectrum potency for eliminating pathogenic fungi inside the body. A good plan might be to take one Antifungal supplement until it is finished, then switch to another. You may find your specific health problems respond to certain Antifungal supplements better than others.

Antifungal supplements are a key part of the Kaufmann Diet and Antifungal program. By incorporating these supplements into your regimen, you are giving yourself the best shot at eliminating pathogenic fungi from your body. Subsequently, you may find the elusive relief from symptoms that have plagued you for years.


"Oregano has been used as a spice for thousands of years, and has long been revered for its medicinal qualities. It is referred to as hyssop in the Bible. It is a staple flavor in a variety of world cuisines." (Read More)

Olive Leaf

"Across the world, the olive tree and all of its components have long been revered symbolically, as food sources and for medicinal properties. Olives and olive oil were critical components of Greek and Roman culture and economy." (Read More)


“One of these supplements is niacin, or vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid. Niacin brings a legion of benefits to the table, not least of which is its potent anti-fungal properties; researchers at the University of Montreal published in 2010 that niacin is an excellent treatment for candida Albicans infections” (Read More)

Clove Oil

"Cloves have been used both medicinally and as ingredients in cooking for thousands of years. Cloves grow in warm, humid regions such as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Brazil. Cloves, along with nutmeg and other spices, were in large part what drove the Europeans to explore and establish trade routes with other countries." (Read More)

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