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MedImmune, a division of Astra Zeneca, makes a product called FluMist Quadrivalent. According to, FluMist Quadrivalent is a vaccine that is sprayed into the nose to help protect against influenza. It can be used in children, adolescents, and adults ages 2 through 49. Seems the only problem is, it doesn’t work!

OK, I’m all for stopping the shots. But this FluMist was only 3% effective. Astra Zeneca made many millions of dollars and FluMist didn’t work. A coin flip is 47% more accurate! Frank Jordan joins me to discuss this means of preventing the flu. He states that preventing the flu is made better by building strong immunity. He then talks about this fascinating formula: Prebiotics+probiotics=Synbiotics. When Frank talks, I listen and, it's your turn!


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