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The Fungus Link to Stomach and Digestive Disorders
Prostate TEST
12 May

Good Fats and What they Do

healthy-fats Amazing strides have been taken in the last 30 years when it comes to our perception of the macromolecule, fat. The general consensus 30 years ago was that eating fat made you fat, which seems like a logical assumption. Furthermore, diets high in fat were being found to contribute to all kinds of heart problems. Food purveyors everywhere began offering low-fat fare, as fat became demonized by the health conscious. For years, this was the paradigm in health.


05 May

Hospital Fungus Infections

Hospital Fungus Infections A few weeks ago (4/28/14), The newspaper, Times of India, reported that 50% of hospital fungal infections in Bhopal go undiagnosed. Indian doctors stated that 10% of eye damage in these hospitals is due to fungal infections. They further stated that those with newly acquired fungal infections had 50-90% increased morbidity, or new diseases caused by the fungus.


29 Apr
FUNGUS and ADDISON’S DISEASE – could it be? Mike Smith, my dear friend, assists me in communicating with all of my friends within the social media. He told me that one of you wanted information on the autoimmune disorder known as "Addison’s Disease". I immediately jumped on this request because of a serendipitous event that occurred in 2009.


23 Apr

Men and Prostate Problems

prostate-exam The prostate gland isn't something we men usually like to think about – until, of course, it begins to act up. Prostate problems, however, affect virtually all men over the age of fifty, and symptoms usually worsen as men age. Benign prostatic hypertrophy is the most common prostate problem in men. It can cause trouble urinating. Doctors often prescribe medicine or advise surgery to fix problems associated with BPH or an "enlarged prostate".