The Fungus Link to Stomach and Digestive Disorders
04 Apr

Men and Low Testosterone

Michael Smith Blogs In an attempt to put anyone not already on a prescription drug on a prescription drug, drug companies are now subjecting us to a legion of ads during primetime television asking men to talk to their doctors about low "T", or low testosterone. 


28 Mar

5 Foods You Should Eat All The Time

 Michael Smith's Blog on Knowthecause.com

Making new habits often means eliminating your "go-to" foods. And, sometimes, when you're beginning a diet and breaking old habits, it's tough to know exactly what to eat. Instead of reaching for those foods you would normally eat, what do you reach for?



 msmith Diets that cut carbs have been in vogue for a number of years. Mostly, because they work towards most people's primary goal, which is to lose unwanted weight. Carb cutting diets were popularized initially by Dr. Robert Atkins' diet, and many diets have come out over the years that are choose to both keep carbs low and include high levels of protein. Doug Kaufmann's Diet chooses to avoid many of the same foods, but for some very different reasons. 


19 Mar

The PSA Test – My Take

 Doug Kaufmann's Official Blog -knowthecause.com For the past week, you have been introduced to one man's opinion (albeit after reading his book, I believe this is far beyond his opinion) about a medical test that was rushed onto the marketplace and continues to be used today to diagnose prostate cancer. Fear and money created the demand for this test, although Dr Ablin’s data tells us that the PSA test was never a prostate cancer diagnostic test.