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Mar, 18

Unconventional Arrogance

Doug Kaufmann In my last blog, I defined “conventional wisdom” and its opposite of “unconventional wisdom.” By defining the opposite of wisdom, we begin to get a picture of either ignorance on part of prescribing physicians, or worse. I want to believe that all physicians have their patients’ health foremost in their minds, because they should. Questions began to arise when reports of very serious side effects from hormone replacement therapies (HRT) that menopausal women were prescribed.


Mar, 17

Conventional Wisdom? You Decide

Doug Kaufmann Breast cancer rates are falling! The reason? Women, not doctors, have stopped listening to conventional wisdom. One website defines conventional wisdom as “ideas or explanations that are generally accepted as true by the public or by experts in the field.” For decades women have been scolded by “experts in the field” for not getting mammograms and for refusing their prescriptive hormone replacement therapies (HRT).


Mar, 05

To Vitamin E Or Not To Vitamin E?

doug-blog-1 Two years ago this week, Dr Kenneth Egol, an orthopedic surgeon at NYC reported on ABC news that during the previous 18 months, they were seeing more unusual bone fractures in patients taking the Merck drug Fosamax. To make matters worse, the drug seems to cause these fractures, and apparently bone fractures occurred while walking and not upon strenuous exercise.


Feb, 22
doug-headshot-bw As if it weren’t already, surgery has just become more hazardous to your health. And don’t even consider anesthesia, or the barrels of medication that bombard you before, during and after surgery. Blame has now been placed directly on the knife wielder.


Feb, 20

A Puzzle!


 Two new scientific discoveries have made headlines recently. One finds that coconut oil reverses the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease when taken regularly. The other found that curcumin (turmeric) prolongs life and enhances the activity of fruit flies with a nervous disorder similar to Alzheimer’s Disease.

I know that my blogs are rarely read by fruit flies, but tell me why these $5.00 products seem to work so well on a disease that scientists earning $3,500,000 annually cannot figure out.